Do You Hear Us?

A performance from The 27 Club

We are in our thirties and one evening we said to ourselves: this is it, shit, we will not be part of the myth! You know, the pantheon of the 27. All those rock stars who goddamn died at 27: Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Amy Winehouse. It all disappears in the mist of the uncertain future. Farewell raging melody!

That evening, we were downcast, we were thinking of death. At the same time, we all recalled Patti Smith: "We have a voice and it is our responsibility to make it heard!" That's what she said and it became so obvious to us! It is not too late!

We are three figures of rock, as if re-acting a show resembling a sacrifice over and over again. The living dead? The crazy? Maybe man…. We go on a sound and a poetic journey that celebrates life, the energy of rock. We are naive. We create! We shout! We die! We live!

March — April 2016
1 to 6th March 2016 at Arsenic
10 to 12th March 2016 at La Case à Chocs
5 to 23rd April 2016 at Théâtre Saint-Gervais


  • Directing, writing and acting

    Adrien Barazzone, Emilie Blaser, Claire Deutsch

  • Light

    Harold Weber

  • Sound

    Jeremy Conne

  • Scenography

    Neda Loncarevic

  • Costumes

    Elise Vuitel

  • Administration

    Samira Ben Mansour

  • Photography

    Mehdi Benkler

  • Co-production

    Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Centres culturels neuchâtelois - Théâtre du Pommier, et Centre de culture ABC, Théâtre Saint-Gervais

  • Duration

    75 minutes

  • Support

    Ville de Lausanne, Ville de Neuchâtel, République et Canton de Neuchâtel, Pro Helvetia Fondation Suisse pour la culture, Loterie Romande, Pour-cent culturel Migros, Fondation Engelberts, Fondation Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Foundation Nestlé pour l’art, BCN Foundation culturelle, Fondation du Casino de Neuchâtel, Caisse Cantonale d'Assurance Populaire, Corodis


“The great strength of this trio lies in the art of creating an ambience. The scenographer Neda Loncarevic, offering a quilted labyrinth, inspired by David Lynch. Jérémy Conne at the sound, who often restores muted pieces, suggesting the echo, not forgetting the filtered and smoky lighting imagined by Harold Weber. The three actor-authors manage to re-create the thickness of rock. We pass through this rugged maze with them, but thanks to their humor and their distance, the end of the tunnel is bright.”
Marie-Pierre Genecand — LE TEMPS — 08.03.16

“I was won over by the overall atmosphere of the entire performance, I saw it as a kind of series of very visual paintings and kinds of abstract architectures in which stories are born like soap bubbles. We see them appear, flourish, become iridescent with the light and bang they burst. They are very good actors. They are surprisingly nuanced, even if they come out of themselves. They talk to us about love, about death. There is longing and desire and that is something important.”
Mireille Descombes, Zone Critique — RTS Espace 2 — 04.03.16

“There are flashes, atmospheres, sound and light, which are interesting, the rest is all indigestible, it is rubbish, not to say emetic. We feel like telling people, if you feel bad, if you don’t like the world, fine, but leave me alone, go throw up in your toilet, it will always be better than on stage.”
Boris Senff, Zone Critique — RTS Espace 2 — 04.03.16

“It is though we are in a dream by Lynch, in a metaphor of perdition, of life which is too strong, of life that burns, in this register a little cushioned, a little unconscious. They approach with great irony this world of absolutes, of life at 200%. In a register almost a little post-rock, these 30-year-old kids, knowing they won’t die at 27 say “All this fascinates us, but today we still know that we are going to live a long time and that we are better off being the creators of our own life, looking beyond strong sensations”. I observed a lot of irony and humor, leaving me with great aspiration.”
Marie Pierre Genecand, Zone critique — RTS Espace 2 — 04.03.16

“The pantheon of the 27 “comes back to life on stage, at the Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel from March 10 to 12th “
Antonella Fracasso —L’EXPRESS — 03.03.16

“Rock-n-roll lives”
Migros Magazine — 29.02.16

“Seventh heaven was reached for this trio who flirt with the explosive cocktail of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, between light and shadow, love and repulsion, anxiety and enjoyment. Do you hear us? Can be observed and listened to in the present moment, inhabited by the trance of three performers who knew how to shape their own mystical rock.”
Cécile Dalla Torre — LE COURRIER — 07.04.16

“Since they take on the role of heroines here, their voices alternate between lascivious and thundering, parodying and muffled. These are the ones who weave “Can you hear us?”
Foremost, it is to them that we answer in the affirmative.”

Katia Berger — La Tribune de Genève — 07.04.16