An imagined tailor-made project for the Am Stram Gram Theatre

We said to ourselves: it would be good if Emilie, Alexandra and Yann came back. We recalled Emilie's descending into the theatre's lair. We thought about Yann, dipping his hands in the (fake) blood of Am Stram Gram to unblock the aorta. We wanted to hear Alexandra make the chalkboard speak again and look for hidden voices in things. We thought: we don’t talk about theatre and architecture this way every day; with simplicity, lightness and intelligence.

Yes, we thought these three who had broken our hearts had to come back and speak about the heart of the theatre. In small groups we groped our way through, until the great Catton, our Dominique, who passed away a few months ago. A(E)NTRE was also about this; a tribute to the yellow raincoat of the great man who changed the life of theatre for children and youth in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

The floor of a theatre is covered with moults. Along the walls, forgotten clothes are moulting. Old costumes. A(E)NTRE sharpens our perceptions of the places we live in, of beating hearts, of what we leave behind while growing up.

13 to 16th December 2018
24 to 28th September 2019


  • Stage set and acting

    Alexandra Bellon, Emilie Blaser, Yann Verburgh

  • Text

    Yann Verburgh

  • Sound creation

    Alexandra Bellon

  • Photography

    Ariane Catton

  • Co-production

    Am Stram Gram Theatre Geneva

  • Support

    Fondation Ernst Göhner Stiftung

  • Admittance

    From 7 years old

  • Duration

    About 50 minutes


“(A)entre is above all a vast riddle to solve. With secret messages, skillful calculations, seeds to plant and costumes to decode.”

“Emilie Blaser doesn’t alone imagine the death and resurrection of the locations. Musician Alexandra Bellon accompanies the rescue with percussions and even solves an equation by drawing its sounds. Chalk and a blackboard, the moment the audience is blown away. The same astonishment when Emilie Blaser abseils down into the bowels of the theatre and tears the red membrane where the heart of the house resides.”
Marie-Pierre Genecand – Le Temps du 13.12.2018